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I wish I were a duckie

(poor species confused birdie)

22 September 1994
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Random Crap About Me: hmmmm...well...my foot fell asleep and now it feels all prickly...anyway... I'm a girl, I want to(am going to, hopefully)go to Oxford and study psychology, I don't really like my family, I love Greek and Kyle XY on ABC Family...I've had a crush on 2 Kyles in the past year alone, I had the biggest crush on my friend Justin for the last couple months of school, whenever I try to hit the backspace key on my keyboard without looking I always end up pressing the = key, my art teacher was kinda cute but didn't have the nicest breath, I could be exhausted but it would still take about an hour to fall asleep, I wanna paint my room gold, I have the weirdest dreams, my headphones are green and my Ipod cover thing is pink(not really, it's actually white but one day I was supposed to be working on my book report for Tangerine and was procrastinating and found a purple permanent marker and colored my Ipod with it...it rubbed off on the cover thing and turned it pink)and it makes my Ipod look like a watermelon, Antonio Banderas(sp?)is SUPER SEXY!!...ummm...that's all the random ranting for today kiddies...lol :)